Tui HolidaysWill there be Tui late deals and last minute holidays?

Tui Late Deals 2022 – Generally there is always some availability at most times of the year. However it may not be at the price you want to pay or to the destination or hotel that you want. If you really want a specific hotel, departure date and flight the only way to make sure you get it is to book it in advance. The availability of specific destinations and resorts can vary each year as this years must go to destination can change. Late deals are about compromise if you want a cheaper price.

Brexit & Health Factors – Are You Missing Out?

Brexit & Covid is still providing some interesting opportunities for anyone looking to pick up a deal. Lots of people will not travel until they know what is going to happen or are waiting for things to get finalized. Good luck with that! In the meantime lots of people have been picking up some great deals from all over the UK. So if you are thinking about getting away, take advantage as soon as possible before the rest of the UK wakes up to the fact that there are some cheap late deals out there! And if you are worried about your holiday and Brexit/Covid, Tui have a pages to explain what would happen.

Quick Links for Tui Deals

Tui Holiday links to find late deals, last minute holidays and specific brands and destinations.

What Are Tui Late Deals?

Tui Holidays late deals are the same as everyone else. You look a few weeks or days before you chosen departure point to see what the prices are like. Tui operate dynamic pricing and also use software to keep an eye on prices throughout the year. If you are checking availability over a period of days you will probably notice that the online discount may change. This will be in response to how many seats or holidays are sold. If the holidays to a specific destination or accommodation are selling on a particular date then the price will rise as the discount decreases. This procedure will also operate in reverse if the holidays are not selling. Tui holidays may also offer discount codes during the main busy booking periods to help stimulate sales. These discounts can be off general holiday prices or are sometimes specific to certain destinations. The simplest way to think about it is the basic economic principle of supply and demand however it is also handy to know what factors can affect the demand to help you avoid them and get the best prices.

How do you find Late Deals?

There are two ways to find Tui late deals or last minute availability. You can simply use the main Tui holiday search if you have specific dates. The other option is the Tui last minute holidays finder which has a specific page on the Tui holidays website. The last minute holidays search will display a range of availability for around four weeks from today’s date. If you are looking for a holiday five or six weeks away then check it using the normal holiday search. Don’t wait until it appears in the last minute holidays section.

How to Get you ideal holiday using the Last Minute Holidays Search

When you visit the Tui last minute holidays page you will be shown a list of up to around 800 holidays. Don’t worry if its less as at certain times of the year there are less flights such as over the winter season.

You will have the chance to narrow down the results using the Tui holiday filters

  • Adults – The default is two adults but you can change this to match the number you need.
  • Any Airports – Use this filter to select only the departure points you wish to travel from
  • Any Destination – Leave this if you want to see the best deals. Unless you only wish to travel to certain destinations
  • 7 Nights – the default duration, select your required holiday length (3-14 nights)
  • Any Dates – Initially shows departures in the next 4 weeks, You can select specific dates within this period.
  • Any Board – You can select self catering to all inclusive. Best to leave this to see what comes up.
  • Any Rating – Unless you want a 4 or a 5 star deal just leave this.
  • Any Price – Worth clicking on just to see the price ranges available. Best to leave this as well

The page will display prices showing the lowest to the highest. If you want to get an idea of the prices you can quickly use the filters to see what the prices for all inclusive are or what a two week holiday would cost. It’s not impossible to find two week holidays cheaper than one week ones. This will depend on the flights and availability on certain dates.

What Are the Best Destinations for Late Deals?

The best destinations for late deals do vary between summer and winter. Tui winter late deals to Benidorm in December will be much cheaper than the Tenerife late deals. Most people are going away for the weather and will select and pay more for the destinations that offer the best chance of sunshine. In the main summer months of July and August this will not be a factor as you would expect great weather everywhere. There may be a difference in the earlier and later months such as May and late September through to October. Especially in destinations where the weather could be colder and even have the chance of rain. Some people go to holiday destinations in October and the weather is great and others are unlucky. This is why you will pay more for destinations that are more year round than others.

What Are the Best Dates to Travel for a Tui Late Deal?

Generally the best dates to travel for a late deal are not surprisingly out with the school holidays dates. So if you can avoid the May half term break and the October school week. Any bank holiday is always busy with people taking flexi days and making short breaks or even a week off. Easter is another date to avoid if you can as the schools are off for up to 2 weeks however sometimes it depends when Easter weekend falls and whether it is part of the school holidays longer break. Like bank holidays people will build on these dates to make it worthwhile to go away. Christmas and New Year is a popular date especially going away for both. New Year on its’s own usually sells for a premium as many people like to be at home for Christmas. With this in mind it is possible to be away over Christmas at a great price. This also depends on when Christmas Day is (the day not the date!) Would you be willing to fly home on Christmas day? Some people are not prepared to do that so you could have an opportunity to get away on a cheaper late deal. In Scotland the school holidays are different from the English and Welsh ones. The Scottish school holidays can start as early as the last week in June and they return around the 12-14th August. So if you live in Scotland and are happy to travel to an English airport you have a better chance of getting a better price from Newcastle, Manchester and Birmingham for example. So in reverse from the middle of August if you are happy to leave from Edinburgh or Glasgow you can also benefit from better prices. Obviously you will have to think about the cost to get you to these airports and if you are prepared for the inconvenience of not flying from a local airport instead.

How Do You Get the Cheapest Late Deals?

To get the cheapest deals try and be as flexible as possible. Leave as many of the filters alone as you can. This way you will have a larger range of holidays and prices to choose from. Look at travelling from other airports provided that doesn’t add a lot to the overall cost. Don’t wait for the date you are looking for to appear on the Tui last minute holidays page, check the prices using the main holiday search. For some of the brands there are specific searches such as Sensimar. Sensatori, Tui Family Life, Skytours, Villas, Tui Blue, Cruises and flights. If you are looking for a specific Tui holiday brand such as Gold, Small & Friendly, Platinum or one of the others it may be better to use the main search.

How Much Could I Save with A Tui Late Deal

There is no guarantee that you will save anything by waiting until the last minute. The prices are monitored on a daily basis. Tui Holidays will do everything they can to optimise the prices so that their holidays sell at the highest prices they can get. The software they use will alter the prices by increasing or decreasing the online discounts and with the use of discount codes. The chances of them having lots of seats a couple of days before the departure date is very slim. Unless there is a major problem with a destination at the last minute you will generally find that they don’t have the need to panic and reduce their prices to ridiculously cheap rates. In some cases where a holiday has sold well the prices may actually be more expensive a few days before the departure date against the price someone else may have paid months earlier.

Tui All Inclusive Late Deals

Tui like most holiday firms offer an extensive range of all inclusive holidays. This means that they will more than likely have all inclusive late deals. This obviously doesn’t mean that they will all be cheaper but you should still have some all inclusive options. If you are using the Tui Last Minute Holidays page to find a late deal then you can use the ‘board’ filter to change the search results to only display all inclusive late deals.

There is no guarantees with Tui late deals or anyone other holiday firm. You can't guarantee any availability or prices for any date in advance. There are so many factors that can affect the prices from bad publicity to the weather, currency rates or some other random factor. If you see a holiday you like at the right price then book it.  Don't keep checking to see if it's cheaper after you book it though. Just enjoy the fact that you are booked and look forward to your holiday.