Holidays 2020 & 2021

Are you ready for your 2020 or 2021 holiday?

Tui Holiday Finders - Search for your Tui holidayTui Summer Holidays 2020 and Summer 2021 on sale Now! - For anyone who is still looking for Thomson Holidays 2020 holidays then the first thing you will need to know is that Thomson Holidays have changed their name. So you will need to look for Tui Holidays 2020 instead. This is to make all main brands from around Europe and beyond the same, with the same Tui logo. So when you go abroad you will probably see Tui on the coaches doing the hotel transfers, the aircraft and on signs and in hotels.

Tui Holiday Sale Tui Holidays 2020 holidays range will include lots of new flights.  The increase in flight capacity is mainly due to the sad demise of Thomas Cook holidays. The new flights will enable more holidaymakers to take more 10 & 11 night holidays and fly to more Tui destinations from more airports than before. Some of the flight routes could new Tui routes from some airports around the UK. This will also offer more short and mid haul flights for people looking to travel from their local airport. The airports with the largest increase in capacity will be East Midlands, Birmingham, Cardiff, Doncaster Sheffield, Manchester and Glasgow airports. A lot of the new flight capacity will be in the destinations expected to be popular in the main summer periods of May to October. These include Croatia, Turkey, Greece and a huge increase to the African islands of Cape Verde. There are also big increases to capacity to Mexico and Florida for 2021. Marella Cruises will have a ship based in Florida so the extra flight capacity will enable holidaymakers to access the new cruise holiday options.


Do you have Brexit concerns?  - Worried about Brexit and how it may affect your holiday? Are you missing out on some great late deals? > click here

If you are looking to book your Tui 2021 Holiday as soon as they go on sale it is a good idea to have some idea of what you want before. You can easily do this on the existing Tui web site and look through the various holiday options offered from one of the Tui Collections. At this stage it is possible that some brands may be dropped and new ones added and this will become clearer nearer the summer holiday launch dates

The main Tui Collections include:

  • Tui Sensatori 2020 - Tui luxury holidays in stylish hotels and locations to match
  • Tui Blue 2020 - Explore the more! - Great hotels with lots of local experiences on offer.
  • Tui Family Life 2020 - Family Holidays 2020 with lots for all the family plus free child places 2021 deals (Tui Blue for Families 2020 holidays)
  • Tui Magic Life 2020 - not just another standard All inclusive 2019 holiday, the next level in all inclusive holiday
  • Tui Sensimar 2020 - Sensimar is a range of adult only hotels & holidays (Tui Blue for Two 2020 holidays)
  • Robinson - Great range of activities, beautiful pools, healthy food and hotels in excellent locations
  • Rui Hotels & Resorts - Over 100 hotels to choose from, great beach locations and welcoming atmosphere.

There are other Tui Holidays 2020 options including the full range of all inclusive 2020 holidays offered by First Choice Holidays. First Choice holidays 2020 summer range includes a full range of great value holidays to more luxurious holiday options. One of the most popular First Choice Holidays 2019 range is the First Choice Holiday Villages 2019 with great family facilities and entertainment. New for 2020 is the Tui Blue for Two & Tui Blue For Families. Skytours holidays will again be offering free child places and low deposits.

Tui Holidays Free Child Places 2020 & 2021

Tui Free Child PlacesOne of the most popular family holiday deals for families looking to get one of the best holiday discounts. Tui Free child places offer a great reduction on their most popular family holidays. For many of the exclusive Tui hotels
A free child place holiday deal is the ideal way to get the best holiday price. It’s no wonder that these free child deals sell out quickly when the new summer holiday go on sale. As you would expect these are one of the offers that sell out first so if you can be ready to book you will have the best chance to grab a free child place. The free child places are easy to find using the Tui free child places finder on their website. Unfortunately it also means that the free kids deals can also be found quickly by other holidaymakers as well. Usually Tui holidays offer a special low deposit family deal when the new brochures are released. This means that you don’t have to pay out a lot of money right away to secure a free child places and family holiday of your choice. Tui Family Life free child places are usually offered at most properties subject to availability. Don’t forget to have a look at the First Choice Holiday Villages free child places as well. The First Choice web site also has an all inclusive free child places finder search which is similar to the Tui Holidays one. The most popular free child places are not surprisingly during the school holiday dates.

Tui All Inclusive Holidays 2020 & 2021

Tui Holidays offer a huge range of 2020 all inclusive holidays including hotels in their holiday collections, Tui Cruises and throughout their destination brochures.

What do Tui all inclusive holidays include?

  • All your drinks including locally produced alcoholic and soft drinks
  • Three meals a day - breakfast, lunch and dinner (sometimes snacks during the day as well)
  • Entertainment in the evenings plus activities depending on what is offered at your accommodation

Some of the hotels may offer some water based activities if the accommodation is next to the beach. Others may include a kids’ club and access to activities and special children’s menus. It is important that you check and see what is available at your chosen property, only on the Tui web site. This way you know what you are paying for and what you should expect when you arrive.

Tui All Inclusive HolidaysTui all inclusive holidays are available in a number of the Tui Sensatori (adults only) Tui Blue for Two (Tui Sensatori) and Tui Blue for Families (Tui Family Life) properties. Plus you will find Tui all inclusive hotels with Skytours Holidays and in the Tui destination specific brochures as well. Other Tui all inclusive options include gourmet all inclusive in some long haul destinations. There is a 24 hour all inclusive in some hotels and even an upgrade on that as well with Tui Ultra all inclusive which includes branded drinks and a la carte restaurants and extra activities. Tui holidays have partnered with a number of hotels to offer the best all inclusive experience so look out for the Tui Riu hotels and on long haul destinations Karisma properties. For many the benefits of all inclusive make this popular board basis a must for better control over holiday budgets to overall value for money. All inclusive holidays also give you the freedom to eat and drink when you want as everything is included in the cost. An all inclusive family holiday is great value and does offer a complete package. There are also a number of hotels that offer all inclusive free child places (subject to availability) These deals do sell quickly as you would expect. Tui holidays sister company First Choice holidays range was previously 100% all inclusive so double check before you book as some properties could be half or full board or even self catering. First Choice also offer a range of adult only, luxury and all inclusive family hotels. The First Choice Holiday Villages are very popular with families as they offer so much for families from entertainment to facilities. Have a look for any First Choice holiday villages free child places as this can obviously help reduce the overall cost considerably. For a different kind of Tui all inclusive holiday you could try an all inclusive cruise with Tui cruises. You can enjoy one or two weeks all inclusive Tui cruise or an all inclusive cruise and stay holiday. With this option you can cruise for a week and stay for a few extra days or a week in an all inclusive hotel of your choice for the rest of your holiday either before or after your cruise.

Marella Cruises 2020 & 2021 - Marella Cruise & Stay Deals

Marella Cruises 2019 & 2020The main new news was that Marella Cruises will be welcomed their newest ship to the fleet the Marella Explorer. This was the largest ship so far and offers ten dining locations plus an indoor cinema, sports and family deck and a big wellness centre with spa and treatments. With the Marella Explorer all inclusive will be the standard so you know that all your included food and drink will be covered during your stay. The other two newest ships are the Marella Discovery and the Marella Discovery 2 which generally offer all inclusive cruises as well. The Marella Discovery has an outdoor cinema, family activities for the children plus it’s popular show lounge and a number of different dining options as well. The Marella Discovery 2 is the sister ship of the Marella Discovery and has similar facilities but covers different itineraries. The Marella Majesty and the Marella Spirit left Marella Cruises with special farewell sailings so you won’t find these ships featured anymore. The Marella Dream and Marella Celebration ships are still available offering a variety of sailings. All Marella cruises include gratuities, port charges and tax and if you are on an all inclusive cruise then you have everything covered.

Unlike many other cruise holidays Marella have included everything in the cost of the holiday. With Marella cruises all of your taxes are included as are the tips. If you choose to go on one of their all inclusive cruises then you would only have to pay for any extras such as on-board photos and any excursions you choose to take. The entertainment on the Marella Explorer is provided by a UK based entertainment company using high-tech entertainment with interactive screens and virtual reality. Marella Cruises are now all inclusive.

Tui  Ships include

  • Marella Explorer - The largest ship in the Marella Cruise fleet. All inclusive is offered as standard and there are 10 restaurants & bars to choose from
  • Marella Discovery - This ship offers all inclusive as standard, a range of family activities, specialty restaurants and an outdoor cinema.
  • Marella Discovery 2 - The ship was so popular they got another one! All inclusive cruising with a family focus and more specialty dining.
  • Marella Explorer 2 - The latest ship added to the Marella fleet
  • Marella Dream - Lots of space and a good selection of bars and lounges
  • Marella Celebration - One of the smaller ships in the fleet. Award-winning entertainment & intimate bars

If you have not tried a cruise you are missing out on one of the fastest growing holiday sectors. More and more ships are being built to cope with the projected demand. Marella cruise also offer the option of a cruise and stay holiday so you could try a one week cruise with a hotel stay for the rest of your holiday. This way you can stay a few days before or after your cruise in the hotel of your choice. You can select from Tui Sensimar (adult only hotels) or family friendly accommodation in the Tui Family Life collection. There are luxury hotel options and also a variety of all inclusive hotels as well. Whilst on your cruise there are a number of different excursions to choose from. These will depend on the port you are visiting and usually include visits to nearby towns and cities and nearby major landmarks. These Tui trips are a great way to see places you would never otherwise see.

Will There be Tui late deals and Last minute Holidays?

There is always some late availability and Tui 2019 late deals are inevitable. Despite Tui and all other holiday companies efforts to sell all their 2019 holidays at the brochure launch and main booking periods in January and February. Some holidays and flights will always sell better than others and with such a large network of UK flights and extensive range of destinations there is generally some availability. The Tui last minute prices will depend on supply and demand so if you are looking for a last minute holiday for the same date as lots of other people then expect to pay a bit more. The opposite applies when there's a lot of availability and the holiday companies are all trying to sell off their left over seat and accommodation availability. If you can try to avoid the school summer holidays dates as the demand and prices will generally be higher as will be half term, October school week and obviously the festive period in December. There is a special section on the Tui website for all the Tui last minute holidays and late deals to help you find last minute availability and their late deal special offers.

Tui Luxury Holidays 2020 - 2021

You work hard all year and you and your family deserve a great holiday and Tui luxury holidays are there to offer you lots of great extras and excellent accommodation. So if you want a bit more luxury or extras to made your holiday that bit more special you can. You will find various hotels and Tui brands offering accommodation in stunning locations with facilities and cuisine to match. Look out for the Tui Sensatori 5 star hotels with over thirty different room types to choose from in a relaxing environment. Tui Sensatori are also great for families and couples. The Robinson 2020 hotels range offer 4 star hotels with fantastic facilities, swimming pools, healthy food and lots of activities. The 4 star Tui Robinson Holidays are ideals for groups of friends, couples and families. Tui Platinum hotels are a range of Tui luxury holidays offering 4 and 5 star premium properties. Each Tui Platinum hotel is handpicked from a range of hotels getting sustained positive feedback from previous Tui holidaymakers.

Where To Book A Tui Holiday for 2020 or Summer 2021?

Some people are not sure where the best place to book a Tui Holiday is. Do you book online or at a travel agents? If you are comfortable booking online you will probably get a better deal. Tui holidays usually offer online discounts which you will automatically receive when you book direct on their web site. Plus if there are any extra discounts such as upgrades and discount or voucher codes you will also be able to take advantage of these as well. Tui Holidays usually offer a special low deposit offer where you can initially book for less to secure your holiday and holiday price. If you see a 2020 Tui holiday that you want it could be full by the time you get to a travel agent. This is particularly true of Tui free child places holidays as these can not surprisingly sell out very quickly, especially on the popular school holiday dates. Some travel agents may offer the same price as you get online however they may also charge you a booking fee as they could have to reduce their commission to match the online price. Generally they are not happy to do this so you can avoid the hassle and simply book direct online!

The best time to book a Tui Holiday will depend on what type of holiday you are looking for. Free kids holidays are the most popular and sell quickly during the brochure launch and the peak holiday booking period just after Christmas and throughout January. Other early booking offers usually include all inclusive upgrades on some of the Tui cruises plus some hotel upgrades as well. If you are looking for a late deal or for a last minute holiday there are a lot of different factors that can influence the prices to particular destinations and on some peak holiday dates. Please check out our late deals & last minute holiday guide for more information.

Tui Holidays Brochures 2020 - 2021

Tui holidays offer a large number of holiday options from budget value for money to luxury five star hotels with lots of extras. There are holidays for adults only, families, holidays with activities and holidays with a local feel. Here are some of the Tui holiday brochures 2020 and hotel brands to look out for.

  • Tui Summer Collection 2020 - A general all round brochure, perfect for ideas and planning your next Tui holiday.
  • Tui Spain, Portugal & Cape Verde 2020 - Tui destination specific brochure covering all the popular destinations in these countries.
  • Tui Faraway Shores 2020 - Tui long haul holiday destinations around the world like Vietnam, Thailand, Goa, Aruba, Dominican Republic, Mexico & More.
  • Tui Skytours 2020 - Value for money holidays. Includes all inclusive free child places and self catering apartment holidays.
  • Tui Florida 2020 - All the Florida holiday options you need for a visit to the Sunshine State.
  • Tui Egypt & Morocco 2020 - The best resorts in Egypt and Morocco. Includes all inclusive and 5 star hotel options.
  • Tui Greece, Cyprus, & Turkey - Self catering to all inclusive in various accommodation from tavernas to hotel resorts with water slides.
  • Tui Italy, Croatia & Bulgaria - Three very popular destinations in the one brochure! A good range of options for most holidaymakers.
  • Tui Lapland 2020 - Visit Santa before he visits you! - Enjoy a memorable holiday with your family or partner.
  • Tui Iceland 2020 - Not surprisingly Iceland is becoming more and more popular for short breaks. Have a look and see what all the fuss is about.

Tui 2020 & 2021 Holiday Brochures - Holiday Types

Rather than selecting a holiday by destination you could choose what type of holiday you want! Tui holidays feature holidays for lots of different holidaymakers. Which one are you?

  • Tui A La Carte 2020 - Luxury hotels from around the world from the Canary Islands to Jamaica there are a lot of outstanding hotels in this brochure.
  • Tui Scene 2020 - Party at night and relax during the day. Accommodation as close to the action as you want, time to party!
  • Tui Premium Collection 2020 - Lots of great hotels and holidays in ‘high end’ accommodation including Tui Blue,Robinson and Tui Sensatori.
  • Tui Gold Holidays 2020 - Traditional holidays for adults only. Quality entertainment, a Sunday roast and options to explore the area.
  • Tui Sensimar 2020 - Stylish Adult only hotels in Mediterranean and long haul destinations. Includes Thomson Gold hotels as well.
  • Marella Cruises 2020 - All inclusive cruising plus cruise and stay holidays. Cruises with tips included.
  • Tui Villas Collection 2020 - Tui villas with pools in hand picked villas in great locations, many with car hire.
  • Tui Family Life 2020 - Family holidays with kids’ clubs, free child places, all inclusive holidays with lots for all the family.
  • Tui Sensatori 2020 - Luxury holidays with a range of spa treatments in mainly five star hotel resorts.
  • Tui Lakes and Mountains 2020 - Holidays in some of the most scenic resorts around Europe.
  • Tui Small & Friendly 2020 - Holidays in smaller family owned properties offering a more traditional holiday experience.

Tui Flights 2020 & Tui Flight Only 2021 Deals

Tui Cheap flightsTui Holidays have their own airline and hardly surprisingly they use their own airline for most of the holidays they sell. Tui holidays flights are available from over 20 UK airports to a huge number of holiday destinations. You can book for short stays as well durations up to 28 days. There are of course the traditional seven and fourteen night holiday durations.

Aberdeen, Belfast City, Belfast International, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Doncaster Sheffield, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Humberside, Inverness, Leeds Bradford, Liverpool, Londonderry, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Southampton.

London airports include - Gatwick, Heathrow, London City, Luton, Southend & Stansted.

Tui Flights operate to over 80 worldwide destinations.

Aruba, Barbados, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, Greece, India, Italy, Jamaica, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Montenegro, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Sri Lanka, St Lucia, Thailand, Turkey, United States, Vietnam.

When you book a Tui holiday with Tui flights you can generally choose your seats add an extra luggage allowance and check in online. The extras usually cost a small supplement however it’s up to you to add them if it is something you feel you need.

Tui Sensimar 2020 & 2021

Tui Sensimar 2020 are a range of adult only holidays with relaxing low key entertainment. So you can enjoy the peace and quiet around the child free pool and a more relaxed dining experience. Tui Sensimar hotels are available in a wide range of destinations with flexible holiday durations and many destinations are featured from a good number of UK airports. Tui Sensimar all inclusive options are available at many of the properties as are extra sports activities. This will of course depend on the accommodation you select. Each Tui Sensimar property offers detailed information such as the key facilities, location information, pool scene, food & drink, Sports & Activities, evening entertainment, health & beauty and good to know. There is usually information on the number of rooms so you can decide if the hotel is the right size for you as well.

Tui Family Holidays with Tui Blue For Families 2021 (Tui Family Life 2020)

Tui Blue For Families 2020 (Tui Family Life holidays) are packed with something for everyone. Most accommodation in the Tui Family Life brochure features spacious family rooms and with a swimming pool for all ages the kids can enjoy a swim or paddle. There are family entertainers providing professional standard evening entertainment for the whole family. Many of the Tui Family Life hotels offer all inclusive so you can enjoy the benefits of this popular board basis and all the other family friendly options. If you can book early you could pick up one of the Tui Family Life free child places (subject to availability) These do sell fast, particularly on the busy school holidays dates. You can search for free kids places using the Tui free child places finder search.

Skytours Holidays 2020 - 2021

A popular brochure for holidaymakers looking for value for money accommodation. Skytours offers self catering apartments to all inclusive hotels. For families there are free child places in self catering and all inclusive hotels. These are sold on a first come basis and can be found using the Tui free child places finder. There is a good range of destinations to choose from including Benidorm in the Costa Blanca, Salou Costa Dorada, Magaluf Majorca and many more favourites.

Tui Sensatori Holidays 2020 - 2021

Sensatori are a range of five star hotels with spa treatments in hand picked luxury accommodation. The accommodation features the best dining options with different gourmet eateries. The entertainment offers west end inspired shows and offerings from resident musicians as well. The accommodation is generally in great locations with outstanding pool areas and selection of rooms and upgrade options. In some properties there are separate areas for adults only and for families. There are some Tui Sensatori all inclusive properties if you are looking for that option.

Tui Robinson 2020 - 2021 Holidays

Tui Robinson operates in over 20 locations including Spain, Greece, Turkey and the Maldives. Robinson offers something new everyday with a great range of activities and entertainment combines with healthy food options. Robinson resorts are also great for families with child friendly facilities and kids’ clubs as well. There are sports and leisure activities at every hotel and a baby sitting service so you can take part in a yoga class without having to worry about your children! Each property offers something different depending on the hotels location so have a look and see what Robinson hotel is best for you.

What Are Tui Sensatori 2020 - 2021 Holidays

Tui Sensatori is a holiday experience all about the senses in luxurious surroundings with each Sensatori resort offering it’s own unique holiday experience. There are a huge variety of room options to choose from. There are family rooms, adult only room, swim up options and suites with private pools. In such a luxurious setting you would expect the cuisine to match, and it does! There are buffet restaurants as well as a la carte and other gourmet options. Each of the Tui Sensatori resort offers sports and wellbeing options as well as a range of treatments in the spas.

Tui Villas Collection 2020 , Villas With Pools 2021

The Tui Villas Collection offers a variety of villas to suit most family and group requirements. There are one bedroomed villas on the hillside to villas with six bedrooms and ocean views. Tui car hire is included with Tui villa holidays to help you explore your surroundings and give you access to and from your accommodation. Enjoy a BBQ with your family and friends or enjoy a midnight swim in your own pool. It’s your holiday and you can enjoy it your way!

Tui Magic Life 2020 All Inclusive Holidays

There is all inclusive and there is Tui Magic Life all inclusive. Tui Magic Life offer more than the normal all inclusive holiday experience. Tui Magic Life offers 24 hour all inclusive so you can get a drink or food at anytime of the day. Every day the activities change to give you more of a variety. There are the usual activities you get at better hotels plus a few more at Tui Magic Life. For families the children should be happy with the exciting range of creative fun and games. Plus early evening activities for children aged 3-12 so if you want to enjoy some more quiet time at the pool or a romantic meal the option is there. Teen Spirit will take care of the teenagers with suitable activities for 13-16 year olds plus free Wi-Fi zones.

First Choice Holidays 2020 & 2021 Summer Holidays

First Choice Holidays are also part of the Tui holidays group. First Choice holidays 2020 brochures range of holidays offers lots of all inclusive holiday choices as well as Self Catering, Half Board and Full Board holidays

If you are looking for a great family holiday have a look at the First Choice holiday Villages 2020 range. Don’t forget to check out the free child places finder for an all inclusive free child place! First Choice Splash World holidays offer holidays with waterparks. You either have an on-site range of water slides or access to a nearby water park for the duration of your stay included in the holiday cost. Family holidays with waterparks are very popular and because they are with First Choice they are all inclusive as well. First Choice all inclusive Luxury Holidays are available through their Premier holidays brand. If you are looking for a cheap all inclusive holiday then have a look at the Tui Suneo 2020 & 2021 holidays range. Perhaps not the cheapest but certainly the best value Tui Suneo concentrate on offering what holidaymakers want to offer a budget friendly all inclusive holiday experience. With entertainment provided by the Tui Suneo  team there are activities and evening entertainment events as well as modern activities. Suneo hotels are located in popular destinations so you can enjoy great value all inclusive holidays in destinations you will want to visit > more

What is the best Tui Holiday or Tui Hotel for Me?

Tui holidays offer a huge range of holiday collections suitable for lots of different holidaymakers needs. Even within the range of holidays for couples and families there will be variations between the hotels and self catering apartments. Make sure you check the description of the property you are interested in before you book on the Tui or First Choice holidays web sites. Do not do this on any other site as information and offers change and what is listed may not be included in your holiday price. If you are booking with Tui or First Choice then what they are showing on their web sites is what is relevant to you. By checking the details it will help avoid any hassle when you get to your hotel, villa or apartment. After all you are there to relax and enjoy your holiday. Plus by going to the Tui web sites you will qualify for any online discounts and have access to any discount codes that may be on offer at the time you are booking.